About Us at LovelUp

The First Gamers Dating App

Raymond K Walintukan

Founder, CEO

Raymond spent the last decade managing tech startups and investment firms. His strengths are in software engineering and operations management. Prior to LovelUp Raymond was COO of Trademason and a director of operations at Pimovi. Raymond has met some of his closest friends through video games and tries to maintain a ratio of 2 real life friends for every 1 virtual friend.

Deric R Walintukan

Co-Founder, Lead Developer

Deric spends most of his time coding away for Android, iOS, and web development. He has self taught himself the arts of the coding rockstars. Canadian born, raised in Southern California, and now exploring the Bay Area. In his spare time, Deric enjoys playing video games, basketball, and golf. Eh!

Kaisan Franks


As the former founder and CEO of music search engine technology company, SeeqPod, which garnered 50 million unique visitors and 250 million monthly searches, he understands market disruption. Kasian worked at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), Life Sciences Division, as a Genomic Research Scientist earlier this decade. Kasian is currently exploring opportunities in the crypto currency space and advisor to Lovelup.net.