The Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda (Japanese: ゼルダの伝説 Hepburn: Zeruda no Densetsu?) is the working title of an upcoming action-adventure game in development by Nintendo Entertainment Planning & Development for the Wii U home video game console. It is the nineteenth main installment in Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda series, the first original Zelda game developed with high-definition (HD) graphics, and the second Zelda game in HD (preceded by The Wind Waker HD). The game will feature an open world in which players can find different ways to approach areas. Nintendo originally planned to release the game in 2015;[3] however, in March 2015, producer Eiji Aonuma stated that the company was no longer aiming for a release that year.[4] In an interview at Electronic Entertainment Expo 2015, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aimé stated that the game will be released in 2016.[1]

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The Legend of Zelda is an action-adventure game that takes place in a fully connected overworld, similar to the original The Legend of Zelda, with less emphasis on defined entrances and exits to dungeons. The game allows the player to have more freedom over previous titles, allowing them to decide their destination and method of travel.[5] The overworld can be traversed on foot or on Link's horse, Epona. Epona automatically avoids obstacles, allowing the player to concentrate on other tasks, such as shooting arrows. Link can leap off Epona and enter bullet time to better aim his bow at enemies.[6] The game world, said to be the largest one in any Zelda game, is as large as the Wii U's hardware can handle.[7]

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On January 23, 2013, during a Nintendo Direct video stream, producer Eiji Aonuma stated that a new The Legend of Zelda game was in development for the Wii U, and that it would challenge some of the series' conventions, such as the requirement that players complete dungeons in a set order.[5] In Nintendo's Digital Event presented at the 2014 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), Aonuma revealed the first in-game footage, featuring high-definition visuals that incorporate cel shading, and said the title was scheduled for release in 2015.[8][9] On March 27, 2015, Aonuma announced in a video that the game would be delayed, stating "... our priority is to make it the ultimate and most complete Zelda game", the team was no longer targeting a 2015 release window, and the title would likely not be shown at E3 2015.[4] At the convention in June of that year, Reggie Fils-Aimé, the president and chief operating officer of Nintendo of America, said in an interview that the game would be released in 2016.[1] Also during E3 2015, Nintendo Entertainment Analysis & Development general manager Shigeru Miyamoto reaffirmed the title is still bound for the Wii U, despite the development of the "new dedicated gaming platform" known by the code name "NX".[10]

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