New App LovelUp Wants Gamers to Date Without Profile Pictures

New App LovelUp Breaks Away From Traditional Online Dating with New Gamer Twist

SAN FRANCISCO, California – LovelUp turns traditional online dating on its head with an innovative way for gamers to find romance online and currently beta testing. LovelUp, a cross platform app, will provide single gamers a way to go on “game” dates with other fellow gamers. But here’s the catch: LovelUp uses avatars instead of real profile pictures to foster a “don’t judge a book by its cover” approach to online dating. Instead of encouraging users to judge other potential mates through superficial means (such as profile pictures), LovelUp focuses on bringing people together through a shared love of gaming.
“We’re very excited to introduce a gamer twist to online dating” Raymond Walintukan, CEO and co- founder. “We believe that gamers can make real connections and find compatible mates by playing games together as opposed to traditional online dating methods.”
Gaming and dating has become increasingly mainstream. According to a New York Times article, “gaming forums are rife with anecdotes from players who are dating and marrying. Some couples have even had their avatars marry.”
Although dating and gaming are on the rise, the founders of LovelUp realized that this isn’t an effective way for gamers to romantically connect with each other. Gamer-focused dating sites (such as or follow traditional online dating methods, which mean women face common challenges such as receiving many messages from ‘inappropriate’ suitors. LovelUp encourages its users to use avatars with customizations (rather than real life pictures) to represent themselves. As these avatars, LovelUp users can select existing popular games they would like to play with a prospective match. Then, they schedule a time and LovelUp provides them with a match. After their game date, users will rate how their game date went. LovelUp’s new app will offer female gamers to connect to potential dates in a safe, anonymous, and fun manner! The mobile app will be available on Android, IOS and Web.